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Please, give moral support to chris. Words of thanks and encouragement help chris to remain optimistic and keep his spirit up in this difficult quest for justice. Please, let him know you appreciate his prolonged and continued efforts. You can do this via e-mail or social media for which you can find the links on the site.


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Being a political dissident, chris defends human and civil rights of people and promotes peace by investigating, exposing and confronting the crimes behind the governmental institutions that inflict wide spread suffering in the world. Because of dorsey's activity he is continually being forced into silence. So, please, tell your friends, spread the word on social media, mirror and support his work.


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dorsey hosts weekly LIVE Broadcast of the People Of God on the Blog Talk Radio, Facebook and YouTube. The show is LIVE every Friday at 8-10pm EST.


Whilst dorsey works as an Independent Journalist, he doesn’t have the finances to promote his work. This covers variety of expenses, including production costs, creating and printing promotional material and publications, venue hire for lectures and education, office space, travel and other related expenses. This kind of promotion is the current need of the time. All donations, however big or small, will make a big difference and will be greatly appreciated. Please, support chris dorsey for peace. 

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