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"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

                                        -- Revelation 2:9, KJV

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chris dorsey - Genealogical Records Made Public


chris dorsey, an Independent Journalist, Human and Civil Rights Activist, Geopolitical Commentator, the Commander of the Virginia Militia but most of all true American Patriot, makes his genealogical records public and explains why does it matter. 


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King Of England Freemasonry Bible Constitution Basis Of Law Gvt, MIR, 13 April 2019, chris dorsey


​chris dorsey reveals the basis of all Law. Explains the obscure and exclusive mystery behind the agenda of Freemasonry which is to serve the legitimate King of England. The secret agenda behind the formation of the United States of America and it's connection to the Royal Houses of Europe and the Craft. chris cites Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry and reads from the founding document of Freemasonry The Old York Constitutions of 926. dorsey makes clear that the current so called Queen of England Elizabeth Saxxe Coburg and Charles are usurpers and clearly pretenders to the Crown due to the selling of breading rights to ashkenazi Bankers such as the Rothschild family.


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chris dorsey Interviewed by Dennis Fetcho

chris dorsey joins Denis Fetcho to discuss restoration of The US Constitutional Militia, and The Militia Handbook. 


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Militia Commander Dorsey Requires Arrest of Government Officials for Treason

City Council Meeting, Richmond, VA, USA


​chris dorsey, Commander of the Virginia Militia, lawfully requires the arrest of all corporate and Government officials. During this brief order dorsey requires that the people control all weapons of war and issuance of currency. Provides photographic verification of capital crimes carried out by the Richmond Police and Government. All corporate and Government officials are fugitives and must be punished for their crimes which requires execution.


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Chris Dorsey Interviewed On Stormfront Radio

Commander of the Virginia Militia interviewed on Stormfront exposing the Zionist Shadow government and it's many criminal operation including financial fraud headed out of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland and staging media psychological operations like the one in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as exposing the Chabad Lubavitch International Jewish Crime network.



chris dorsey, Press TV Series

The International Banking Cartel


In this documentary chris dorsey explains how is the global economy controlled by one bank, the Bank for International Settlement, based in Basel, Switzerland. This bank is the lender of last resort and holds 10% of monetary reserves for 80 of the of the World’s Central Banks including the International Monetary Fund. Because of the financial monopoly control of the Bank for International Settlement practically all countries of the world, including the United States of America, have lost their sovereignty and as a result of that we became debt slaves to the international banking system. 


chris dorsey, Reportage

Bilderberg Meeting (June 1-3, 2017; Chantilly, VA, USA)


chris dorsey exposes the treasonous nature of the high-powered and secretive annual meeting, the Bilderberg. There will be no minutes taken, no reporters allowed in, no opening press conference, no closing statement, and participants will be asked not to quote each other during the three-day summit of the political and economic elite. chris dorsey further explains how is the Supreme Law, the United States Constitution, continually being broken because standing armies regularly appear on the streets in the time of peace.


chris dorsey, Documentary

chris dorsey vs. the Government


Being a civil rights activists and an independent journalist, chris dorsey dedicated his life to exposing, confronting and documenting the fraudulent and unlawful nature of the government. chris speaks on behalf of the people and his activities defend human and civil rights and promote peace. This documentary also shows unlawful arrest and detention to which chris dorsey has been subjected on numerous occasions. 


chris dorsey, Press TV

Militia Requires Abolition of the United States Government


chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia provides the simple and lawful solution to government corruption and treason in this shocking interview. In order to free humanity from perpetual slavery the people must lawfully seize control of the weapons of war and money supply from the criminal Jewish Occupied World Government. "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." -- George Mason. Discussion also relates to the U.S. gun control and the use of guns in domestic violence. 


chris dorsey, Press TV

The Israelification of America, False Flag Events, Mossad, CIA Operations


In his work chris dorsey discusses and analyses the phenomenon of fake news and staged events. chris analysis on Press TV the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting which occurred on December 14, 2012. He explains that staged events such as this are carried out by the government agencies, namely the Mossad, CIA, and especially in the United States the Department for Homeland Security and the FBI in order to push for a limit to the freedoms of Americans, to push forward the unconstitutional police state that we are now subjected to, and also to forward an agenda where the American people are treated as perpetrators in this military police state that we live in. chris calls people to unite against a common enemy, which he states 'is not a fellow man, but the United States Government.' 


chris dorsey, Press TV

Militia Require Disarming Police Standing Army

chris dorsey discusses the totalitarian nature of the United States Government, which now controls its people in a very strict way and with complete power that cannot be opposed. Dorsey calls for a lawful action rooted in the United States Constitution, which demands the present state officials to stand down and return all monetary assets and arms to the citizens of the United States. Discussion also relates to the death of Freddie Gray on April 12, 2015.


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