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The Dorsey/Darcy Family of Ireland is the posterity of Irish High Kings which genealogy reaches as far as to the Roman Emperor, King Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great (* 2 April 748 - † 28 January 814) and much further.

Dorsey/Darcy Family of Ireland Family Crest

Have you ever felt that something wasn't quite right in the world? And have you ever wondered what you can do to protect yourself and your loved one? If so then keep reading.

We the Humble professors of the Gospel of Christ baptized upon a declaration of faith and repentance, believing in the doctrine of general redemption offer you membership to our church that is dedicate to building God's Kingdom by restoring the Natural Law, God's Law, to our nations.

In this age of great deception the truth about world events is becoming more and more difficult to find. And speaking the truth is becoming more and more dangerous. If you have been searching for a community of God fearing people with whom you can commune and learn you have found your home.


As is the case for any organization the world we live in it needs money to operate. Our church is no different, but the difference is we will provide our members with the information and resources needed to defend themselves from the predators and deceivers of this world. 

When you join our church you will have access to:

  • The most trustworthy and accurate news on the planet.

  • Courses on the true law of our nation(s), courses on religion, philosophy, and the spiritual sciences.

  • Legal consul from our legal and Constitutional Scholars.

If you are ready to put on the whole armor of God and join the People of God then purchase your membership now. Membership is an initial cost of $35 with monthly dues of only $5 made payable to chris dorsey. Please, contact chris via for more information.

If you wish to be apart of a community that works to build God's Kingdom join now because no one knows the day nor the hour except our Father in Heaven.

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