Human Rights Matter

Human rights include:


  • Civil rights (such as the right to life, right to liberty, right to fair trial)

  • Political rights (such as right to recognition as a person before the law and equality before the law)

  • Economic rights (such as rights to work, to own property and to receive proper compensation for your work)

  • Social rights (such as rights to education and consenting marriage)

  • Cultural rights (such as the right to freely participate in cultural community)

  • Collective rights (the rights of groups, such as the right to learn one’s native language and culture)


Human rights are inherent to all people regardless of gender, nationality, sex, ethnicity, religion or colour. Although every single human being is entitled to human rights, it is a regular occurrence that governments and other individuals grossly violate them. 


Chris Dorsey dedicated his life and work to fight against the violation of human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms. He addresses issues such as unlawful arrests, detentions and killings, corruption within the judiciary, violations of freedom of press and the rest of the media, violations of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, global poverty, trafficking and slavery, child exploitation, racial equality and many more. Dorsey calls for a world where people can live with dignity, respect and in peace. In order to succeed on a worldwide scale we have to engage and act collectively towards a common goal. 

'[your enemy] is not a fellow man, but the United States Government'. 

--chris dorsey

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