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Chris Dorsey is an American Independent Journalist, Human and Civil Rights Activist, Press Correspondent, Geo-Political Analyst, Constitutional and Legal Scholar, Author, Radio Host and the Commander of the Virginia Militia. Dorsey regularly appears on TV, radio and in the press. His work has been viewed by millions of people worldwide and he has been internationally recognized for his most notable work, the Press TV series called the International Banking Cartel, which verifies the entire global structure as fraudulent and unlawful. Chris defends human and civil rights of people and promotes peace by investigating, exposing and confronting the crimes behind the governmental institutions that inflict wide spread suffering in the world. He champions realistic solution for our human and civil rights by taking legal action against these criminals. Chris actively challenges the established institutions and questions and criticizes the dominant narrative of the mainstream media, which is so widely accepted by the majority of the population. He also discusses and analyses the phenomenon of fake news and staged events, especially in relation to formation of public opinions. Dorsey hosts weekly political discussion show The Millitia Inteligence Report on the Blog Talk Radio, YouTube and Facebook. The show is LIVE every Friday at 8-10pm EST. He is the Commander of the Virginia Militia, as well as a prolific leader of many prominent political movements and protests. His aim is to help free not only the Public American Mind from  the disguised oppression caused by the governemnt via the mainstream media, education and socio-economic system in order to return its autonomy to the American people and to the people of the rest of the world.

Dorsey regularly appears on many television and other media outlets including Press TV, Al Etejah TV, Al Alam TV, NBC12, ABC 8News, WTVR CBS6, INFOWARS.COM, The American Freedom Radio, 1140 WRVA, 1450 WLCM, The Washington Post, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond Free Press, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, The Associated Press, and many more. 


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Richmond, Virginia